There is an interesting post on one of the many Google Blogs on how to search specific sites for data. In researching information security topics, it is often frustrating to use the default search box on certain websites. Many websites don't have decent indexing of their data and thus don't/can't offer effective search tools. Google has a way to overcome some of these limitations...

For example:

site:www.example.com sample
Would search the site www.example.com for the term "sample". Similarly,
site:insecure.org hacker
Will search the website insecure.org for the term "hacker".

Happy searching...


Only one main interface to the Internet???

Very interesting article about a potential plot to disrupt Britain's Internet access...One item that jumps out at me:

Raids by Metropolitan Police detectives found computer files indicating that terrorist suspects had targeted a high-security Internet "hub" in London that handles most of the Internet information that passes in and out of Britain, including London's businesses and stock exchange, the Sunday Times said.
The first question that comes to mind...is "Why does Britain have only one main hub to handle the majority of their Internet traffic?

This flies against the security principle of redundant systems.