Passwords, Part 3 - Examples

For more info about passwords and the basis of the following example, see Passwords, Part 1 and Passwords, Part 2.

William Tell, web-surfer extraordinaire, has 20 accounts that he uses.

Work account: William might use the following password, which he changes every 30 to 60 days: m@rNc$act0

Financial/Banking/Home Computer Accounts: William likely has the following web accounts with these passwords, which he changes every 30 to 90 days

  • Bank: Mortgage - t*1rFlt>
  • Bank: Checking - eCs$h@oF
  • Bank: Credit Card - r2aiNa&o
  • Home Computer - iAt+d{mp
  • Amazon - bPa2fFa=
High Use/Low financial risk: William may use the same password or a very similar password for all of these types of websites and may only change it twice a year.
  • New York Times website - t^pl*iUh
  • Slashdot forums website - t^pl*1Uh
  • Firefox forums website - t^pl*iUh
  • InfoSec website - t^pl*1Uh
Low use/No financial risk: In this case William would likely use the exact same very simple password over and over and would likely never come back to change it.
  • One time only website - cl2938vl
  • I was really bored and not sure why I signed onto this website - cl2938vl
  • I needed a piece of info, but don't plan on going back website- cl2938vl
  • etc - cl2938vl
Hoping this helps you avoid password pain.


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