What threats are out there?

As you begin to explore information security, you will quickly find that there are more problems than you can possibly keep track of. Lucky, others are diligently engaged in tracking these things for you.

The web-sites listed below all contain details about vulnerabilities or security flaws in popular software and operating systems. It should be noted:

  • Some are more detailed than others.
  • Some have duplicate information.
  • Some have clean user interfaces.
  • Some have more detail, more info or more reliability in terms of particular vulnerabilities, however, no one source will have all the info you might want or expect.
  • Pretty much all of them allow cross-referencing via the use of standardized vulnerability names as defined by the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures website.
Take a look at some of the problems that are out there and take a look at how some of the web-sites cover the same vulnerability.

Happy hunting.

X-Force Database (IBM Internet Security Systems)
National Vulnerability Database (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
SecurityFocus: Vulnerabilities
OSVDB (Open Source Vulnerability Database)
Vulnerability Notes Database (US-Computer Emergency Readiness Team)
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures


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