From Bastille Linux to Bastille Unix

In case you hadn't heard, there was a change in name from Bastille Linux to Bastille Unix.

Apparently a domain-name squatter acquired the rights to the domain name that Bastille Linux was using.

He tried to get the original owners of the name to fork over big bucks to get the name back, but they are gonna rely upon the arbitration process to get the name back.

In the meantime, they are gonna take advantage of this opportunity to create a new web-site that reflects the changed nature of their product...

For a period of time, Bastille Linux has been ported to operating systems besides just Linux, so the name really didn't fit any more. They have changed the name to Bastille Unix.

If you have never heard of Bastille Linux, it is a script that walks through the security features of your operating system and either adjusts them for you or teaches you how and why to adjust them. Very good learning tool.


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