Chinese Hackers...

There is a great article in Federal Computer Week on Chinese hackers and their all-out attacks against the Department of Defense. One key point from the article, to ponder:

A recent Chinese military white paper states that China plans to be able to win an “informationized war” by the middle of this century.
Their innovation is also of interest...
China is also using more traditional hacking methods, such as Trojan horse viruses and worms, but in innovative ways.

For example, a hacker will plant a virus as a distraction and then come in “slow and low” to hide in a system while the monitors are distracted. Hackers will also use coordinated, multipronged attacks, the official added.
The field of information warfare may not be as "front-page picture-worthy" as bombed out husks of military equipment but it is just as real. The bad guys are out there!


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