Dolphin Stadium web site hacked...

There is an article in ZDNet about an exploit on the website for Dolphin Stadium.

Apparently, the web server was hacked and the bad guys changed the web page to include a single line of code. That one line of code directs your computer to visit the bad guy's web site, in the background, where it then downloads a piece of malicious software, including a Trojan keystroke logger and a backdoor.

  • The keystroke logger records every keystroke you make (including your passwords and user IDs).
  • The backdoor grants the bad guy full access to your computer.
Further investigation of this issue has shown that other websites related to the Super Bowl were also infected and...hundreds of unrelated websites have also been infected...including the U.S. government's Center for Disease Control's website.

Yet another classic illustration of why it is so important to keep your systems patched and protected with up-to-date anti-virus files, etc. It doesn't take a visit to a shady web site to catch a nasty computer disease.


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